Ellen DeGeneres is being suited by Coldwell Banker real estate agent Titi Pierce for a joke on her talk show.

The suit is over the February 22 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show which included the segment “What’s Wrong with These Ads…And These Signs.” In the segment DeGeneres uses signs sent in by fans for comedic material. A sign with Pierce’s name appeared on the show, which re-aired on April 15, and DeGeneres makes the in question joke after showing an unrelated sign for the Nipple Convalescent Home.

After showing Pierce’s sign DeGeneres reportedly mispronounced her name saying: “Ah, Titty Pierce. Sounds like she might have spent some time in that nipple home.” Pierce’s Nigerian name Titi, pronounced “Tee-Tee” means flower and she says that she has never in the past had someone make breast jokes about her name.

On the sign featured in the show was Pierce’s number. Pierce claims that since the airing of the episode she continuously receives calls and has had her voicemail filled with jokes about breast by DeGeneres fans.

Pierce also makes the claim that DeGeneres invaded her privacy by airing her personal information and intentionally inflicted emotional distress. She is suiting Warner Brother Inc., producers of the show, for defamation and emotional distress.

Pierce is asking for Warner Brothers to stop airing the episode and delete the video clip from the internet and social media along with an undisclosed amount of money.

Pierce works as an electronics engineer at Robins Air Force Base while also selling local real estate.