Ellen DeGeneres was on hand at Disney’s D23 Expo on Friday to premiere a first look at the highly anticipated film Finding Dory.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory is the sequel to 2003 Disney Pixar classic Finding Nemo, which starred DeGeneres as Dory, the charming, friendly fish with memory problems. Though Dory was more of a supporting player in the original film, the sequel will focus on Dory’s backstory. The sequel was announced in 2013, but little information has emerged on Finding Dory since.

Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton revealed more of the story of Finding Dory and introduced a new batch of characters during a presentation at D23. Lucky attendees were also treated to a short clip from the film, which appears to start Dory on her journey. In the clip, Dory is living with Marlin and Nemo after the events of Finding Nemo, when she begins to get flashbacks of past memories. Dory doesn’t remember much, telling Marlin, “I don’t remember what I remembered, but I remembered something.”

In her sleep, Dory keeps mumbling in her sleep about “The jewel of Monterey, California.” This sends Dory, Marlin and Nemo off on an adventure across oceans. Over the course of the film, they will meet a brand new bunch of sea animals, including a cranky octopus named Hank, voiced by Ed O’Neil, a whale shark named Destiny, voiced by Kaitlyn Olson, and a beluga whale voiced by Ty Burrell.

Finding Dory is scheduled for release on June 17, 2016.

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