Ellen DeGeneres surprises fellow talk show host Jimmy Kimmel by honoring his son Billy, who was born with a rare heart defect.

Ellen brought Kimmel onto her show as a guest and revealed that she had teamed up with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to give back to Jimmy Kimmel.

“We called our friends at Children’s Hospital LA,” Ellen told Kimmel. “We have named one of the rooms of the Heart Institute floor in honor of Billy.”

Billy has gone through two heart surgeries in 2017 and had spent a lot of time in Children’s Hospital L.A., especially on the Heart Institute floor. Kimmel mentions that this is not the first time that Ellen has helped his family during this time, last year she and her fans were able to fundraise a million dollars for one of Billy’s surgeries.

Ellen wanted to celebrate and honor Kimmel and his family, she believes that he deserves recognition for using his voice and platform to promote positivity.

She also had many of Billy’s nurses from the hospital on the show to Kimmel’s surprise. He jokingly shouted at them, ‘You should be at work!’

After the show, Kimmel shared a picture of Billy smiling with a caption that thanked Ellen and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for honoring his son. He wrote, “Billy is very happy about this, as you can see.”

As of now, Billy will not be needing anymore surgeries until he is a teenager. Kimmel explained that a, hopefully, non-invasive surgery will be needed in his early teen years.

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