Actress Elizabeth Hurley shut down all rumors about her starting a reality show with her 18-year-old son.

In a Sunday Instagram post, the 55-year-old shared a nude photo of herself, taken by Jonathan Bookallil.

“Abzuuuud stores in out illustrious press today,” Hurley wrote alongside the photo. “Hear it from the horse’s mouth, my son @damianhurley1 and I are most definitely NOT planning to shoot a ‘Waltons-style reality TV show’ at home. I mean!! Whoever the ‘friend’ (or bored journalist) is, who’s leaking these fictional tidbits, you are ridiculous.”

“Unfortunately the rumors of @elizabthhurley1 doing a reality show at her country estate are not true… as interesting as it would be,” Bookalli wrote on his own account with another photo of Hurley from the same shoot.

Rumors of Hurley working on a family reality stemmed from an April 2020 interview with Hello! magazine.

“We feel like the family in the Seventies TV show The Waltons,” she said as she was quarantined at home with her family at the time. “There are nine of us. I have my whole family here, including my mother, an aunt and a friend who has severe respiratory problems. I am completely paranoid that I won’t be able to keep them safe and I haven’t let anyone leave the house apart from me. I just nip out to the local food stores and wear a mask and gloves. I’m terrified of bringing the virus back to my vulnerable guests.”

“I’m in charge of meal planning, food shopping and laundry,” she shared that everyone in the group had their own tasks. “If it  weren’t for the fact that we’re terrified of losing loved ones, we’re actually quite happy cocooned up together. The TV isn’t allowed to be turned on until 6 p.m., so we don’t turn into couch potatoes.”

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