Elizabeth Banks, 37, who plays a police negotiator in the new Man on a Ledge, also starring San Worthington, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris, and Anthony Mackie, hit the red carpet in style at the movie's New York City premiere, wearing a black mini dress from Versace's 2012 spring line, black tights, and a hip leather jacket.

The movie, about an ex-con who threatens to jump from a Manhattan hotel building while diverting attention from a diamond heist, is calls attention to the idea of voyeurism, as it features a growing mob gathered on the ground, encouraging the man to jump. Comparisons are even being drawn between Man on a Ledge and Banks' next anticipated project, The Hunger Games, based on the bestselling book by Suzanne Collins. In The Hunger Games, 24 children and young adults are chosen to fight to the death in a gladiatorial arena for a massive annual reality show that is televised all across the fictional land of Panem.

Banks understands the parallels. "It's probably a direct line from this audience going, 'Jump, jump, jump,' to the audience who watches the Hunger Games on those television screens in Panem," Banks told TheFABlife.com. "Yeah, 'cause they're definitely bloodthirsty as well," she said.

The actress even found herself defending the baser human instinct for destruction. "I just feel that people want the craziest version of every story. We watch boxing for the knockout; we don't watch it for 12 rounds of going to the scorecards. We don't watch NASCAR to watch the cars drive around in a circle …. It's human nature. It's in us, whether we want to admit it or not."

You can see Man on a Ledge in theaters on January 27. The Hunger Games comes out on March 23.

Watch the interview here:

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