Elijah Wood plays a serial killer with a day job as a mannequin renovator in the new horror flick Maniac – a film that’s so jarringly violent it forced a few nauseous moviegoers out of the theater. Though Wood wasn’t frightened of channeling the sociopathic murderer, he is afraid of some things. “I find dolls very creepy, specifically Raggedy Ann,” Wood told Uinterview exclusively for a Vine video, before gamely posing on a gurney for an Instragram shot.

But Wood admittedly does have a deep appreciation for the horror genre in general. After a producer friend told him about his plans to remake the 1980 movie Maniac, Wood jumped at the chance to take on the reboot of the cult horror film. The movie, shot from a serial killer's perspective, follows him as he stalks and kills women like prey. “The approach allows for the audience to feel like they are the character,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

Not only does Woods enjoy acting in horror films, he’s recently started a horror movie production company called SpectreVision. The first film they’re executive-producing is Iranian vampire western A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. Next up for SpectreVision will be Cooties, written by Ian Brennan (Glee) and Leigh Whennell (Insidious, Saw), about a zombie outbreak among the pre-pubescent.

Maniac hits theaters on Friday.

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