Bono and The Edge helped Yoko Ono unveil a tapestry honoring her late husband and The Beatles singer John Lennon on Ellis Island in New York City Wednesday.

Yoko Ono And U2 Unveil Lennon Tribute

The U2 musicians posed alongside Ono inside Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration while giving the peace sign. Within the museum’s Registry Room, the trio presented the John Lennon Amnesty International Tapestry.

The tapestry, unveiled on the 40th anniversary of Lennon receiving his green card, depicts the island of Manhattan as a yellow submarine. One of the beacons of light that stretch out into the blue abyss surrounding it illuminates the Statue of Liberty.

“It is fitting to do this here, because John Lennon was an immigrant,” Bono said during the unveiling, according to The Guardian. “He didn’t sail across the Atlantic in an ocean liner or a yellow submarine. He didn’t come in on a third-class ticket looking for a job in Hell’s Kitchen. He didn’t climb up out of steerage with all his potatoes in a single suitcase. But John Lennon was an immigrant all the same.”

Ono also spoke at the event, taking the opportunity to share her late husband’s vision for world peace.

“John said: ‘Imagine all the people, living life in peace.’ John knew how urgent it was,” she said. “But also he knew that what we believe in becomes reality. So let’s think peace, act peace, spread peace, imagine peace and together, we will make it.”

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