Eddie Murphy called his kids the “center of everything” while guest starring on  Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, adding that his kids come before everything else.

“The whole idea of being out there and doing three movies a year, that s— is over … I found over and over again and along the way I realized that if you put your children first you never make a bad decision,” he said. “When you hit a crossroads moment or you have got some s—, you think, ‘well, what is best for my children?’ If you go that route then you never make a bad decision.”

Murphy, who is currently starring in the film Coming 2 America, alongside his 19 year old daughter, Bella Murphy, said he loves fatherhood and went on to praise the rest of his children.

“I am so blessed with my kids,” he said. “I don’t have one bad seed. I don’t have any like, ‘Oh you are the one.’ I don’t have any of that. My kids are so great, normal people — and nobody is like the Hollywood jerk kid. My kids are smart and are trying to do stuff. I am blessed with my kids. I really, really got lucky.”

Murphy and his fiancee, Paige Butcher, had their second child together, Max, in November 2018. The couple is also parents to their 4-year-old daughter, Izzy. He had five children with his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy. They are Bella, Zola, 21, Shayne, 26, Myles, 28 and Bria, 31.

He has a son Eric, 31, with Paulette McNeely, a son Christian, 30, with Tamara Hood and a daughter Angel, 13, with Mel B.

Murphy also shared that his son Myles welcomed a daughter; named Evie Isla, in July 2019.

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