Ed Sheeran recently dropped the music video for his latest single off X, "Thinking Out Loud," which surprisingly features the singer-songwriter dancing.

Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud' Music Video

Sheeran teased the release of the music video on Tuesday on Twitter, writing “I’ve learned to dance…”

After the video hit the Internet, Sheeran took to Twitter again to reveal how pleased he was to see the positive feedback “Thinking Out Loud” had generated overnight. He also revealed that a “behind the scenes” video would be coming out next week.

Sheeran names “Thinking Out Loud” as his favorite of all of the songs he’s ever done, and wanted to make a video that would do it justice. “It’s my favorite song I’ve ever done, and not just on this album. So, I wanted to make sure the video carries it to wherever it can go,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I felt that the one thing that would actually surprise people me doing was dancing.”

In order to learn the choreography, Sheeran had two dancers come with him on tour. “They taught me five hours every single day, the routine in the video. And we just learned it section by section, and just ran it, ran it, ran it ran it,” he told ET, adding, “I can see why dancers are in such good shape.”

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