British actor Paul Nicholls was rescued on Wednesday after being trapped near a waterfall in Thailand for three days.

Nicholls rode a motorcycle out to the Koh Samui site three days ago. After arriving he fell, breaking both of his legs and shattering one of his knees. His phone also broke during the fall so he was unable to contact anyone.

The EastEnders actor was rescued after locals alerted the police that a motorcycle had been abounded at the site for several days. Police tracked down the owner of the motorcycle who notified the authorities that they had rented it to man named Paul Greenhalgh, Nicholls’ real name.

A search party was formed and Nicholls, 38, was found, suffering from hypothermia and an illness contracted while lying out in the open, several hours later, according to the BBC.

The actor’s agent told the news outlet that his client is “recovering well.” Nicholls was in Thailand on vacation.

“I am lucky to be alive. It took such a long time to find me. It’s an understatement to say it wasn’t a great situation,” Nicholls told The Sun.

The Daily Mail reports that Nicholls will be unable to fly back to the U.K. until he settles his medical bill in Thailand, which is estimated to be about $1,700. While there is no suggestion that he can’t pay, his passport is being held until the amount is paid.

Nicholls is best known for his role as Joe Wicks on EastEnders, a long-running soap opera, in the ’90s. His character lived with schizophrenia and Nicholls was applauded for his portrayal of the mental illness on the screen.

Most recently, the actor played a teacher in Ackley Bridge, a show on Channel 4.

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