E. Jean Carroll is lawyered up and waiting for the Adult Survivors Act to pass New York State Assembly. Last week, she took to Twitter to promise that she’ll be suing former President Donald Trump for rape “the very moment it passes.” She also tagged her legal team, civil rights attorneys Robbie Kaplan and Joshua Matz, in the post.

The bill, which was first introduced by Democratic State Sen. Brad Hoylman and Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal in 2019, would create a one-year window in which lawsuits are allowed to be filed based on usually time-barred claims.

Carroll accused Trump of raping her in a New York department store in the 1990s. With the current status of New York State law, accusers must file suit within three years of their first claim, so Carroll would have a legal basis to sue Trump for rape if the Adult Survivors Act is passed into law.

The writer is currently suing Trump for defamation after he called her a liar, and accounts of the rape in her book “fiction.” The Department of Justice under Biden has strangely had to defend Trump in this case because the DOJ was substituted as his defendant while he was still President. The suit remains ongoing, with Trump countersuing last month claiming the defamation lawsuit to be frivolous.

The Adult Survivors Act did not pass the State Assembly last year, but after revived efforts in 2022, it passed the state Senate Judiciary Committee last Tuesday. Supporters are imploring New York leaders, including Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) to publicly support it and bring the bill up for a vote in State Assembly soon.

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