E.J. Johnson, the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star and son of Magic Johnson, has dropped 50 pounds since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery five weeks ago.

E.J. Johnson Weight Loss

Johnson, 22, after two years of contemplating the surgery, decided to undergo it in an effort to jumpstart his efforts to slim down and get healthy.

"Nothing was working, and I wanted to make a more permanent decision to get back on track," he told People magazine. "[But] I wanted to wait until I was a little bit older to know how to handle myself afterwards."

After already losing 50 pounds, Johnson estimates that it will be about a year until he’s at his goal weight, though the 6’2” young man doesn’t have an exact weight in mind. "I'll just know when I look like what I want," he says.

Since the surgery, Johnson has been watching what he’s eating, consuming healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. Generally, he eats cereal for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a lean protein paired with vegetables for dinner.

In addition to the attention he’s paying to his nutrition, Johnson has also been serious about working out. He’s taking dance cardio and Pilates classes four to five days a week. "Being able to take control of my life again,” said Johnson, “take control of what I'm eating and my fitness is enlightening and empowering."

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