Dylan Sprouse, the child actor best known for acting alongside his brother in Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, has seen a pair of nude selfies surface online.

Dylan Sprouse Nude Selfies

On Sunday, Dec. 15, the two selfies of Sprouse, 21, found their way onto the Internet. In the first picture, Sprouse is shirtless and flexing his bicep as he takes the selfie with an iPhone. While in the first pic Sprouse is sporting a pair of boxer briefs, in the second he’s completely in the buff.

Instead of denying or defending the pictures, Sprouse confronted them head on in a trio of Twitter posts. The famous twin seems far from embarrassed of the images, and addressed them with a sense of humor.

Cole Sprouse, Dylan’s twin brother and fellow child actor, also took to Twitter to share a joke about the pictures. The star of the leaked photoes replied to his brother’s quip, writing, “Love you too.”

Dylan Sprouse is certainly not the first Disney Channel star to be the victim of leaked nude photographs. Vanessa Hudgens infamously saw a number of nude pictures surface in both 2007 and 2009. Hudgens was deeply embarrassed about the scandal, which she's said has made her less eager to appear nude in film and TV roles. Former Hannah Montana actress Miley Cyrus and possibly also Demi Lovato had similar scandals.

– Chelsea Regan

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