In an Instagram post, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced that his mother Ata was okay following a car accident in Los Angeles, California.

He shared a photo of her red Cadillac, with cracked side-view mirrors, the hood torn open and the inside exposed.

Ata, 74, was driving her car at 3 a.m. that day when she reportedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a ditch. She was immediately escorted to an L.A. facility for treatment.


“This woman has survived lung cancer, tough marriage, head-on collision with a drunk driver and attempted suicide,” Dwayne wrote in the caption. “I got one parent left, so if you still got your mom and dad make sure you hug ‘em hard, cos you never know when you’ll get that 3am call we never want to get.”

The Black Adam star thanked the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments for responding quickly to the situation, and for keeping him informed on the status of his mother throughout the ordeal. He informed his fans that Ata will continue to be evaluated, calling her a survivor and a testament to life’s miracles.

His father, who was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment hall of fame, passed away in 2020 from a heart attack at 75.

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