Duck Dynastys Willie Robertson and his wife Korie are happy to be known as members of reality TV’s best-known religious family.

Willie, Korie Robertson On 'God's Not Dead'

The Robertson family made a fortune by selling duck calling devices out of their establishment in Monroe, La. With Duck Dynasty, the family has received a considerable amount of fame, which they’ve parlayed into other ventures – including New York Times bestsellers, and a Christmas album. Soon, Willie and Korie will be seen in feature film God’s Not Dead.

God's blessed us with a lot of opportunities at this point,” Willie told FOX411. “Just like the movie God's Not Dead, there's that element of faith that you have to have faith.”

In God’s Not Dead, a reporter approaches the couple as they’re leaving church. The reporter asks the pair for their thoughts on people criticizing the show for including the praying that the family does. In reply, Willie explains his devotion to his faith.

“We're not trying to offend anybody,” Willie says in the film. “As far as my praying to Jesus, my life and my whole eternity belongs to God. The money, fame, success, temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus, that's eternal."

Robertsons Talk Their Faith

Korie certainly agrees with her husband’s sentiment that while they might be rich, their wealth isn’t what matters. “God and our faith is what sustains us,” Korie told FOX411. “It's what makes our life good.”

Although the Robertsons claim to have no desire to impose their religious views on anyone, they appreciate the opportunity to explain their faith to a broader public. Furthermore, Willie thinks there’s something to be said for how successful Duck Dynasty has become.

“I think in our every day lives there's always this opportunity to explain your faith to people who are not believers and people want to know how you live your life,” said Willie. “We don't feel like we're shoving any religion down anyone's throats. We're just being ourselves, it's positive. To us, just saying a prayer at the end [has had] a huge impact, but in our lives saying a prayer's not that big a deal. We do that all the time.”

“Well I guess [Duck Dynasty] is the most watched reality show in the history of cable so if that comes along with being religious that's fine,” Willie added. “Maybe other people should try and start making shows like that.”

– Chelsea Regan

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