Duck Dynasty returned on Wednesday night for its season five premiere, which introduced a new face in Rebecca Robertson and featured two new episodes.

Meet Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca, who was adopted by Willie and Korie 10 years ago, won them over when they fostered while she was an exchange student. Now 24, she’s flying back to Louisiana after spending two years interning in fashion in Los Angeles.

When Willie and his son John Luke pick her up at the airport, she gives her dad a pair of fashion-forward jeans.

While Korie and the women decorate the home for Rebecca’s homecoming party, Willie worries about Rebecca never moving back out of the house once she settles in and compares her to Jep. When Jase hears Jep’s wife Jessica complaining that none of the men are helping decorate, he shares with her his own brand of party wisdom.

“If you're discussing the decorations, I guarantee you that was a bad party,” Jase said. “If you want to make a party work… all the Roberstons need is about 30 to 40 pounds of meat stewing in a vat.”

Uncle Si Has The Flu

Phil, making his first TV appearance since his inflammatory GQ article, had his hands full with a sick Uncle Si. Down with the flu, Si tries to convince his brother that Airbud is superior to the Bourne movies, which Phil strongly disagreed with.

Willie summarized the day thusly: “Whether you're trying to pave the way for your kids success or you contracted the bird flu,” he said. “The good news in the Robertson family: Someone will always be there to help with open arms and unconditional love.”

John David Joins Duck Commander

Willie, always ready to help out a family member, takes on his wife’s cousin John David as his assistant at Duck Commander. John David doesn’t seem a natural fit for the duck hunting warehouse, and Jase is skeptical that the new hire will pan out. “I’ve been at Duck Commander for 30 years,” said Jase. “An outsider can't just barge in here and start ordering my team. You've got to earn our respect. Willie doesn't need any help around the office,” he continued. “I'm not even real sure what he does.”

By the end of the day, John David wins them all over with a new basketball and his affinity for Jack Black movie Nacho Libre.

Duck Dynasty airs Wednesdays on A&E at 10/9c.

– Chelsea Regan

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    I suppose we can put ol’ Phil up on a cross now and stick a spear in him since he’s the new martyr for the Christian Right. Last year, it was the Chick-Fil-A Chicken being branded as the new saint of Christianity for standing up for all that is Holy Matrimony in the eyes of the Church. These folks want to be on the wrong side of history with their public criticism of homosexuality but cry fowl (pardon the pun) when their own bigotry is examined in a public light. Phil’s licking his fingers at

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