A drunk raccoon stumbles around in a liquor warehouse in a new video that went viral this week.

Viral Video Of Wasted Raccoon in Liquor Warehouse

If you thought animals could hold their alcohol better than humans, you were wrong. Apparently, animals can get just as tipsy as the rest of us. 

In the video, a raccoon is seen having trouble walking in a straight line, as he waddles around a dark liquor warehouse. It looks as if the raccoon broke in the warehouse and had a little fun with a few drinks of its own – too much fun.

The hilarious video shows the raccoon struggling to find his balance, but just like drunk humans the furry creature ends up falling flat on his butt – or rather his tail. 

The video becomes even funnier as you listen to the witnesses capturing the animal on film in the background. One man is laughing hysterically, another man shouts out, “Oh shoot, the raccoon is drunk!” 

A few other wisecracks in the video included a, “Do you, player!” and “You have a problem. This is an intervention.”

Do you feel sorry for the raccoon? Watch the funny drunk animal for yourself:


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