Iceland citizen Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson, 46, reportedly got more than he bargained for on his flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to New York's JFK International Airport on Thursday.

Arthorsson reportedly passed the time on the flight by having more than a few drinks before he got unruly and allegedly tried to attack fellow passengers, forcing the crew and bystanders to restrain him by taping him to his chair about halfway into the flight.

"He drank an entire bottle of hard liquor two to three hours into the flight," said Manhattanite Andy Ellwood, who also snapped a photo of the intoxicated and bound Arthorsson. After flight attendants reportedly confiscated two liquor bottles from Authorsson, he "went into the seat pocket in front of him and began consuming a variety of mini bottles," one witness revealed.

A few hours before the flight was over, however, the previously calm Arthorsson appeared to go "completely out of his mind," and "became … verbally abusive toward the flight crew as well as other passengers," authorities told the New York Post.

"He tried to grope and strangle fellow passengers and they said absolutely not," said Ellwood. Two nearby women switched seats with a couple of Guatemalan men, who pinned Arthorsson to his seat, 23C, when he became physically abusive. An off-duty captain lent some help, and the crew of the Icelandair flight approached with green duct tape and Flex Cuffs, securing Arthorsson to his chair and gagging him.

Police took Arthorsson, who works as a civil engineer in Trinidad and Tobago and was flying to visit his fiancee, into custody when the plane landed. He was then sent to Jamaica Hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning. On the way, the still-intoxicated Arthorsson was allegedly yelling, "There's a snake on my leg!" when he saw the remnants of the duct tape.

Arthorsson is not being federally prosecuted, despite "drunk and disorderly" behavior on a plane being illegal, since fellow passengers reportedly wouldn't elaborate on the details of the man's behavior.

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