When even grandmothers are taking selfies, the most enterprising social networkers needed to find a new way to show off all their awesome adventures to their followers. For the tech savvy, the newest in self aggrandization is the “dronie.”

Dronies: A Few Of Our Favorites

By attaching a camera to a commercially available unmanned aerial vehicle, drone pilots proceed to slowly pull the camera out so as to reveal the whole scene around them. The videos have garnered huge responses and this past year was the first New York City Drone Film Festival. Amazon has also experimented with drone delivery services so don’t be too surprised if you see something buzzing around your city this summer.

Check out some of our favorites from around the web:

Vimeo user thatguynick flew his drone over a post apocalyptic looking crashed plane in the middle of a barren expanse with his friends in Iceland. It is fairly common for dronies to clock in at or around the 15 second mark, simply because that is the maximum run time for an Instagram video.

Dirk Dallas, another Vimeo user flew his drone out across the Columbia River Gorge, capturing sweeping visuals that truly give an idea of the massive scale of the gorge. Dallas’ 32 second film was selected to be a part of the inaugural New York City Drone Film Festival.

Outdoors photographer Seth K Hughes took his drone on a trip through the Alabama Hills with his partner to celebrate their one year anniversary of living on the road.

Alex Chacon, the self-dubbed “Epic Selfie Guy,” is no stranger to taking the selfie to the next level. The globe trotting videographer took his drone and camera with him on his trek through the south eastern Mexican state of Veracruz and captured breath taking scenes across the region.

Would you ever take a dronie? Let us know what you think about this trend in the comments section below!

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