Drew Carey, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are offering $10,000 as a reward for capturing a group of teens that poured a bucket of urine, spit, feces and cigarette butts on an autistic schoolmate. The incident was recorded as a pastiche on the ALS ice bucket challenge which successfully raised money for research on Lou Gehrig’s disease. The teens used the autistic boy’s phone to record the act.

“He was embarrassed because he did not know what the contents were until afterwards, and then he didn’t want anybody to know,” the mother told the station. “They used his phone to tape it, and they put it up on Instagram.”

Autistic Boy Pranked In ALS Challenge Spoof

The video depicted the 14-year-old autistic boy in his underwear outside of a garage door. From the roof a thick brown liquid is poured onto him while the other boys laugh. It went viral on Instagram before it became clear that this was not on the up and up. Instagram has since taken the video down.

Drew Carey Offers $10,000

The incident happened in Bay Village, Cleveland, the hometown of The Price is Right host Drew Carey who was disgusted by the story. The teens remain unidentified (they, like their victim, are under the age of 18) and have reportedly been expelled from their school, though the police have not been able to locate them. Carey took to Twitter to offer a reward.

Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlberg Join Drew Carey

Not long after, actress Jenny McCarthy, herself the mother of an autistic child, offered to add more money to the reward.

McCarthy’s new husband, actor Donnie Wahlberg, also claimed he’d add to the reward pot bringing the number to $30,000

GiveForward.com has set up a fundraiser for the boy’s family.

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