Drew Barrymore went viral recently for a very simple and wholesome video of her running around in the rain. It showed that even when you’re an uber-rich celebrity with your own TV show and practically anything you need in life, you can be just as delighted by the wonders of nature if you let yourself be.

In the short video, a wet and laughing Barrymore takes her glasses off and tells the camera, “Whenever you can go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity!”

While there are some celebrities that seem to always be the target of ire and hate no matter what they do, Barrymore is the opposite case. The internet seems to generally agree that she deserves the best given her struggles with drug and alcohol abuse from a young age.

Another recent clip that encapsulates Barrymore’s hilariously wholesome attitude is this home renovation TikTok she made. In it, Barrymore is driven to tears when she finds a covered window in her basement and manages to reveal it.

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