Drake and Diddy reportedly exchanged punches at a Miami nightclub on Sunday night, and some reports suggest that the fight resulted in Drake being hospitalized.

Drake And Diddy Nightclub Brawl

Multiple witnesses say that Drake and Diddy got into a fistfight Sunday night outside LIV nightclub in Miami, and Diddy threw the first punch.

“Diddy goes up to Drake’s car and asks him to roll his window down. Drake rolls it down. They start talking and then Drake gets out of the car and they continue talking,” a source described to E! News.

The source then added that Diddy hit Drake and then returned into the club as if nothing had happened. The two were partying at LIV nightclub to celebrate DJ Khaled’s birthday, which was open to the public.

While some reports alleged that the two rappers fought over a girl, more specifically Cassie, Diddy’s longtime girlfriend, other reports suggest the fight was about business. The fight was reportedly over song rights, and TMZ reported that Diddy told Drake, “You will never disrespect me,” right before punching him.

Drake Hospitalized

Reports vary on how the fight escalated, but the scuffle may have been more than just one punch, as Drake is rumored to have been taken to the hospital with a shoulder injury.

“Diddy left LIV on his own and made a beeline towards the car, like he was a man on a mission. Drake got out of his SUV, and there was a scuffle before it seemed that Drake had hurt himself, he was holding his shoulder like it was dislocated. He was in obvious pain. Diddy was heard shouting something to the effect of, ‘Handle your business,’” a source told Page Six.

DJ Sam Sneak tweeted that Drake dislocated his shoulder as a result of the fight, and confirmed that the fight had nothing to do with Cassie.

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