YouTube’s Styropyro channel released a new video on June 7, demonstrating the use of his latest powerful laser shotgun.

‘My Homemade 40W Laser Shotgun!’ YouTube Video

Certainly not new to inventing high-tech beams, YouTube sensation Drake Anthony, better known as Styropyro, has created a new shocking laser shotgun. He admits that it’s “definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever built.”

Styropyro’s channel is the home of videos highlighting death-ray lasers, fires and incredible physics experiments. Though many viewers know him as a pyromaniac, he uses electronic scraps and broken devices to build giant lasers right from home. While Styropyro’s lasers are often highly flammable, and come with a “do not try this at home” warning. “I hope viewers will see that science can be a lot more fun than what school can present, and maybe give them enough of a spark to use science to change the world,” he remarks on his YouTube page.

Anthony started posting his videos in 2006 and has since garnered over 55 million YouTube views. Last year, Anthony posted a video presenting his homemade 6W laser sword, which went viral receiving over 2 million views. This week, Styro sought to break that record, and wowed viewers with his 40W laser.

The video begins with Styro saying, “I just built something so crazy, that I’m almost afraid to use it!” He then points to his 40W laser shotgun and proceeds to show viewers the interior of his creation. Styro dons his protection goggles and tells viewers, “this is dangerous, there is no reason why anyone should own something this powerful.” The testing starts off with Styro shooting the laser at balloons, popping each one easily. Then some paper which quickly goes up in flames, and some black powder that ignites and explodes.

Check out Styropyro’s latest laser insanity below.



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