Dr. Mehmet Oz, 52, recently revealed on his show a breakthrough in the fight against aging — SeroVital-hgh, an amino acid containing human growth hormone that, he claims, has the potential to make people look and feel 20 years younger.

Dr. Oz, labeled “America’s Physician” by Oprah Winfrey, referenced a recent study revealed at a meeting for the Obesity Society in San Antonio, Tex. According to the study, results showed that the amino acid was capable of increasing bioactive serum (blood) growth hormone levels by a mean close to 700% in men and women at both ends of the age spectrum.

“Although he doesn’t endorse any product, his sheer enthusiasm for the research behind SeroVital clearly got people excited,” said Chantelle Daines, a media consultant for SanMedica International, the company marketing the drug. “Within days of the show airing we were having trouble keeping SeroVital in stock!”

Daines is quick to point out however, that this is only one part of the treatment for fighting aging “including a sensible diet and exercise regimen. And, just like HGH injections, you have to remember to renew your monthly supply.” The cost of this supply is approximately $100 a month.

While the urge to turn back the clock is appealing to many, it should be pointed out that Dr. Oz, who was a cardiothoracic surgeon before his television days, has come under fire for some of his recent recommendations. Oz made news last year when he was called out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for saying that there were unhealthy amounts of arsenic in apple juice. Tests done by the FDA revealed that to be untrue.


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