Doug Ramsey, the COO of meat substitute company Beyond Meat, was arrested after a road rage incident where he reportedly threatened another driver and then bit his nose in a fight in the parking lot after a University of Arkansas football game.

The fight occurred on Saturday evening when Ramsey became incensed by another driver who began moving in front of him. Ramsey began shouting at the other driver, and then got out and punched through his back windshield.


After the other driver got out of his car, police and witnesses say Ramsey struck him multiple times, threatened to kill him and also reportedly bit the victim in the nose so hard that he tore off some flesh. He was arrested at the scene after onlookers broke up the fight and was charged with making terroristic threats and third-degree battery.

Ramsey was a recent hire at Beyond Meat, joining their company as chief operating officer in December 2021 after three decades in various executive roles at poultry producer Tyson Foods. He was released on Sunday after paying a $11,085 bond, and is due for a follow-up court appointment on October 19.

Beyond Meat’s stock price has been plummeting throughout this entire year. Possibly egged on by this scandal, the company’s stock prices dropped to their lowest amount ever at the end of Tuesday at $16.03 per share.

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