He may not be one of the biggest movie stars in the known world, but Brad Pitt's younger brother, Doug Pitt, has the same winning smile as his Oscar-nominated bro, and now people everywhere can see it, since Doug stars in a new Virgin Mobile advertisement that dubs him "the second most famous Pitt in the family."

"I had no idea it would hit the States to begin with," Doug told Entertainment Tonight after the Virgin Mobile ad went viral. "Only 10 people knew, including my immediate family, so when the phone started ringing and emails started coming in, I did panic a little bit. That's the truth," he admitted. "But it's out there and luckily, people think it's funny, and they should."

The ad shows Doug Pitt giving us a glimpse into his "normal" life, bragging about his all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machine ("I'm gonna upgrade to the color"), listening to '70s classic rock in his "man room," mowing his lawn and making a birdhouse in his wood shop.

Check out the Virgin ad here:

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