Doug Liman and Tom Cruise announced that they will partner and co-produce a new narrative feature film to be shot in space. Liman will direct the movie and write the script, while Cruise will be the star. 

The new movie will be filmed aboard the International Space Station. Liman and Cruise came up with the film idea together.

This is not the first film Liman and Cruise have collaborated on. Previously they worked together on the movies: American Made and Edge of Tomorrow.

So far, the plot and the timeline for the movie are both unknown. Liman first must finish post-production work on Chaos Walking and Cruise has to film multiple Mission: Impossible movies.

NASA, Elon Musk and his SpaceX have also confirmed they will be partnering with Liman and Cruise on this film. Musk and NASA will launch a rocket on Wednesday carrying two astronauts on the SpaceX Falcon 9 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Earlier this month, NASA told CNN Business that Cruise will launch into space for the movie and will stay on the International Space Station which orbits around 250 miles above Earth.

Liman and Cruise’s movie will be the first of its kind and will require unprecedented pre-production especially if they have to withstand an outer space flight.

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