Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, a game app which recently took the iOS and Android app stores by storm, has expressed his intent to pull the game.

'Flappy Bird' Gone From App Stores

From Hanoi, Vietnam, Nguyen describes himself simply as a “passionate indie game maker” on his Twitter profile. Flappy Bird, designed as a mini game, took off unexpectedly for the game developer. With over 50 million downloads, the game was able to haul in $50,000 in ads a day, reported CNET.

The attention that started following Nguyen apparently wasn’t desired. Multiple tweets from the game maker show that he wanted the press to stop courting him so that he could keep working on the game.

Apparently, the questions and interview requests kept coming, so Nguyen decided to walk away from Flappy Bird altogether, saying, “I can’t take this anymore.”

Although he’s adamant that Flappy Bird is over, Nguyen was quick to note that he makes other games as well. His reminder that there’s more Nguyen-made games out there to come fuels the speculation that pulling Flappy Bird is part of a larger publicity stunt.

– Chelsea Regan

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