On bis 70th birthday, uInterview Astrologer Julian Venables foretells The Donald’s future!

Donald Trump (birthday: June 14, 1946):

Donald is a Gemini sun sign, known for their ability to see both sides and have somewhat of a duplicitous nature. They tend to be good communicators but find it difficult to make up their minds and are by their nature very changeable because they can get easily bored and want to move onto the next big thing.

Trump’s style of communication is exacerbated because he was born on a full moon and has the moon in Sagittarius, which means he will say anything and often quite literally put his foot in his mouth. The Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Moon polarity means when given the facts, he is likely to expound and expand in such a way as to make things nonsensical.

The biggest question on everyone’s minds is will be make the next president? From looking at his natal chart and particularly his secondary progressed Sun, I’m pleased to say it’s unlikely because his progressed Sun is at currently at 29 degrees Leo (proud and magnanimous) for the last 30 years and is just about to change sign into Virgo (modest and helpful). He is ‘putting on a big show’ as this progressed position indicates, and from around August 22 nd onwards, something will happen (maybe his tax returns will be released) which will see him change his whole position and stance.

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