Saturday Night Live, the show that has satirized political candidates, regardless of party affiliation for years, took another stab at Donald Trump on Saturday night.


SNL mocked the most recent presidential debate over the weekend, with Alec Baldwin playing Trump and Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton. As they always do, the SNL cast brilliantly satirized the two candidates, taking what mannerisms and ideals they are known for and spinning them into hilarious caricatures.

“Hello and welcome to the second and worst ever presidential debate,” begins Cecily Strong playing moderator Martha Raddatz before Alex Moffat‘s Anderson Cooper brings out two shots for them to take.

Apparently, the satire was too much for Trump to handle. He took to Twitter to voice his unhappiness with the show.

The first shots fired were actually making fun of Clinton, and her sometimes unbelievable attempts at appearing relatable. “Thank you for having me, I’d like to begin tonight by attempting a casual lean,” McKinnon said as she awkwardly slumped down on her chair. “Got it!”

The first question posed came from Leslie Jones, who asked about being role models for youth. While the show again made McKinnon an awkward Clinton, they humorously engaged Baldwin.

“I’ve been helping kids my whole life,” he began. “In 1992 I helped a kid named Kevin McCallister find a hotel lobby. You might remember the documentary Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” Baldwin was of course referring to Trump’s cameo in the beloved film.

Of course SNL brought up the leaked Trump Tapes, in which the candidate bragged about groping women without their permission. Baldwin ignored the question and tried to turn the attention to Bill Clinton‘s unfaithfulness, saying he brought some of those women to the debate, saying “they need to be respected, they need their voices heard.”

“What about all the women accusing you of sexual assault?”

“They need to shut the hell up,” replied Baldwin.

And of course, Baldwin accurately followed McKinnon around the stage as she answered questions, with music similar to the Jaws theme played in the background. Watch the whole skit below.

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