Donald Trump is visiting French President Emmanuel Macron for Bastille Day, and met up with the President and his wife Brigitte Macron.


Trump used this opportunity to comment on the First Lady’s body, to her face and to her husband. “You’re in such good shape,” he first said to Brigitte. He then repeated the sentiment to Emmanuel: “She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful, isn’t she beautiful?”

The exchange was captured in the live broadcast that Macron posted from his official Facebook page. First lady Melania Trump was also present, and Brigitte appeared to hang onto Melania’s arm while Trump spoke. This adds to the many inappropriate comment the president has made about women’s bodies.

Earlier in the day, Donald and Brigitte shared an awkward attempt at a hang shake, which turned into a kiss on each cheek, and Trump simply holding her hand away from her. Trump has made a name for himself for his strange handshakes, and the French President didn’t get away without one either.

The first time Emmanuel and Donald met, in Brussels, they shared a long, tense handshake. Late, Macron commented on the event. “My handshake with him, it’s not innocent. It’s not the alpha and the omega of politics, but a moment of truth,” he said. “One must show that we won’t make little concessions, even symbolic ones.” Macron held on much longer than even Trump wanted to, with each man’s knuckles turning white.

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