Twitter removed a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. that mocked Ukrainian president Volodymr Zelensky with an image of a naked Hunter Biden.

The image had edited the nude Biden, standing with his hands over his genitals, to appear next to Zelensky as Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hold a signed Ukrainian flag behind him.


Trump Jr. posted the image after Zelensky made an address to a joint session of Congress where he was received by uproarious applause. Zelensky made a plea to Congress for continued bipartisan support in anticipation of the upcoming political shift that will give Republicans a majority in the House.

Twitter removed the image for unspecified violating its terms of use. This is not the first time the social media company has chosen to remove explicit content regarding the president’s son.

Over the last month, new documents were released by Elon Musk and reported by journalists selected specifically by Musk. The documents, dubbed the “Twitter Files,” uncovered the details behind the executive decision to freeze the account of the New York Post for 16 days in 2020 after the paper published stories about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China.

Initially, Twitter said the Post violated the platform’s policy against “hacked materials” because the information in the story came from Biden’s laptop. One of the Twitter Files reporters, Matt Taibbi, said Twitter took “extraordinary steps” to suppress the story. The company faced significant backlash for the suspension of the Post’s account. Musk took to Twitter earlier this year to criticize the company’s 2020 decision.

“Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate,” Musk tweeted.

Since Musk’s takeover of the company, he has touted himself as a “free-speech absolutist” and has insisted that he is “against censorship,”, especially of conservative views. He chose to reinstate the Twitter account of Donald Trump and Kanye West, although he banned West again last month after the rapper tweeted a photo of a swastika inside of a Jewish star. But he has banned many journalists who have criticized him.

Musk has not commented on Trump Jr.’s recent post.

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