Donald Trump Jr. decided that the best way he could defend his father Donald Trump after he was raided by the FBI was to scream red-faced into his webcam about how unfairly his daddy is getting treated again.

The clip, which was shared online by writer Molly Jong-Fast, has some wondering if Trump Jr. is on the verge of a meltdown.

Trump Jr. shouted his arguments several decibels higher than was necessary through the video, sounding like a sweaty comedian speeding through his five minutes at an open mic night.

He claimed it was overkill to send “30-something agents to show up to my father’s home, where they then wouldn’t allow or didn’t want any lawyers present.”

Junior continued the baseless argument that the FBI and Department of Justice have been politically aligned with current President Joe Biden.

“Guess what, folks? There’s exactly zero equal justice under the law … Become a Democrat, then you can do whatever you want with no accountability,” he said.

He also claimed that Democrats such as Hillary Clinton hadn’t received blowback for similar behavior, citing the private email server she used while Secretary of State. Junior seemingly forgot the fact that Clinton was both investigated and politically pilloried during the 2016 election for that very reason. No sensitive documents were found to have been sent on her private server.

The raid was indeed unprecedented and reportedly sought to recover a collection of sensitive documents Trump had amassed at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, in violation of classified data policies.

Trump was reported many times to have destroyed intelligence reports and taken materials of interest to him, according to accounts by former White House employees such as John Bolton.

It has been reported that some of the documents located in the raid may have related to nuclear weapons.

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