The Trump family is expressing their anger after the tradition of putting First Ladies on the cover of Vogue, which ended during the Trump administration, has resumed with Dr. Jill Biden. Trump family members claim this was due to liberal bias against former First Lady Melania Trump.

Lara Trump, Eric Trump‘s wife, in particular, questioned the decision to keep Melania off the cover and expressed her annoyance at Biden’s Vogue cover during an interview with Fox Business. “It’s too bad that we didn’t have a first lady who was a model, who was incredibly fashionable, who they could put on the cover of Vogue when Donald Trump was in office,” she said. “Oh wait, we did! It was Melania Trump!”

Lara didn’t stop there, though. She blamed “hate” as the reason why Melania was not given a cover story, saying, “They hate him so much that they decided to snub her.”

“You know it used to be that they would put every first lady on the cover of Vogue and every first lady would be on the cover of multiple magazines until it was Melania Trump because she’s married to Donald Trump,” Lara said.


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Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram to air his frustrations, even posting a picture of Jill Biden with Alice Cooper‘s face photoshopped over hers.

He captioned it, “Nailed it. Apologies to Alice Cooper,” and tagged a conservative meme account.

The former president has also previously expressed his anger toward Vogue for not featuring his wife on the magazine’s cover. He retweeted a post from right-wing news site Breitbart News which read, “The elitist snobs in the fashion press have kept the most elegant first lady in American history off the covers of magazines for four consecutive years.”

The former first lady, herself, has privately aired her frustration about the matter. In a secret recording from 2018, she said, “Vogue said like, oh, we want to do a profile. Profile? F*** you, profile. I don’t need no profile. Yeah, what I need another profile? It might be a cover. I’m like, might be a cover? I don’t give a f*** about Vogue and any magazine.”

In her recent book, Melania and Me, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff wrote about how the magazine got in contact with Melania early in Trump’s presidency. “Vogue reached out to Melania, hoping to schedule an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot of the first lady in the White House, with writer Rob Haskell shadowing her for a few days to write a profile,” she wrote. “All that sounded great, but the magazine could not guarantee that Melania would appear on the cover.”

While the magazine’s editor, Anna Wintour, has never explicitly addressed the break in tradition, she did talk about the selection process for cover photo political figures in a 2019 interview. “Obviously these are women that we feel are icons and inspiring to women from a global perspective,” she said. “I also feel even more strongly now that this is a time to try and—I think that one has to be fair, one has to look at all sides—but I don’t think it’s a moment not to take a stand. I think you can’t be everything to everybody.”


  • Beverly BluittStone
    Beverly BluittStone on

    It seems as though the only one with the problem are the Trump’s. Most of us as a nation wouldn’t understand why she did get her picture on the cover. What did Melania do for this country other than plagarize First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech, and a bunch of red christmas trees during Christmas? She should have said to “45” NO INSURRECTION. My elders always said lay down with dogs, get up with fleas. Quit Whining. or how much Cheese You All Want With Your Whine

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