President Donald Trump positions himself as a patriot, frequently expressing distaste for when NFL players kneel during the national anthem. However, in spite of his alleged love for the country, Trump doesn’t appear to know the lyrics to “God Bless America.”


Whether NFL players should kneel during the anthem or not has become something of a divisive political issue in recent times, ever since Colin Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, kickstarted the movement in 2016. The movement has only grown bigger as Trump’s objections to it grew, with him vocally criticizing players who elect to kneel. It remains a recurring talking point for him, both in his speeches and his tweets.

A White House Super Bowl event was planned for June 5, but it instead became a “Celebration of America” shindig after Trump rescinded his invitations to the Philadelphia Eagles, a stunt Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called him a “fragile egomaniac” for pulling. Fans of the sport team were still allowed to attend Trump’s event, however.

Video footage of Trump attempting to sing “God Bless America” has been spreading on social media, showing him casually move his head around often without moving his lips to sing along. Similarly, Trump was comparably incapable of singing along at the college football playoff national championship that happened on January 8.

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