Donald Trump, as part of his Saturday Night Live hosting duties, danced in a parody of Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” music video.

Donald Trump In ‘Hotline Bling’

In Saturday Night Live‘s take on Drake’s viral music video, Jay Pharoah stepped up to play the singer. Unlike in the original video, “Drake” was joined by a cast of background dancers in the SNL spoof. Among them was the Tax Man, played by Trump, who perfectly executed the awkward dance moves required.

In addition to the Tax Man, there was the father (Beck Bennett), the physics teacher (Taran Killam), the drunk guy when his team scores (Bobby Moynihan) and Ed Grimley (Martin Short), who says,  “Drizzy Drake you stole my moves, and that’s no lie!”

Ahead of Trump’s appearance on SNL, there were calls for NBC to drop him from the program due to his inflammatory comments regarding immigrants. As a shout out to those protesting Trump, Larry David yelled, “Trump’s a racist!” as the presidential hopeful wrapped up his opening monologue.

Though Trump’s overall performance was rather lackluster, generating a slew of underwhelmed reviews, he did help the show get its best ratings in years. As could be expected, Trump took to Twitter to boast about it.

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