Donald and Nancy Featherstone have worn matching outfits for 35 years, since Easter of 1978.

In 1978, two years after their first date and early on in their marriage, Nancy, 60, convinced an often-formally dressed Donald, 77, to loosen up his wardrobe one humid summer day. She suggested he take off his tie, and volunteered to make him a short-sleeved shirt instead. Initially, they matched their outfits only on the weekends, but it has since expanded to full-time. Nancy makes all of their clothes and everything — down to their pajamas — matches.

Over the years, Nancy has made over 600 outfits for them – more than four wardrobes full – coordinated by season. Whoever reaches the wardrobe first decides on the outfit of the day, though Nancy insists that both remain amenable to the choices each other make. Even when Donald went out of town on business, the couple from Fitchburg, Mass., would talk on the phone and coordinate their clothes from afar.

The huge number of outfits they have doesn’t mean that they don’t look for new ones from time to time. “If we need a new outfit, we go to the fabric shop together and pick out something we both like,” Nancy told The Guardian. Donald, who created the iconic garden plastic pink flamingos, inspired them to have over 40 outfits solely with flamingo patterns.

Nancy has learned to take it in stride when people on the street take note and snicker to each other about the matching outfits. She hopes that others won’t take the matching outfits to indicate a dependency issue, as she feels that they are simply a symbol of how close she and Donald are.

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