BullGuard’s long awaited security tool Dojo has finally arrived, with pre-ordered units now being shipped. Internet security is an essential aspect of any home or business. And, as long as your network is built around a Wi-Fi router, Dojo will protect you.


Dojo is comprised of two components: the Base Unit and the battery-powered Pebble. Of the pair, the Pebble is more prominently displayed. While the Base Unit needs to be by your router, the Pebble can rest any place inside your home.

Once your guardian is linked to your Wi-Fi network, the Pebble will roam around your network, pointing out any troubled devices that require maintenance. Should an issue arise, the Pebble will emit a radiant glow to attract your attention.

According to BullGuard, most problems are automatically solved by their machine. There are three color-coded hues to inform you of your Wi-Fi’s present status: green means there are no issues, yellow means an issue occurred and was automatically dealt with, and red means there’s a pressing problem that requires action via the smartphone app. The mobile app is available for iOS devices and Androids.

Dojo is always accumulating metadata, which BullGuard defines as “data that describes and gives information about other data.” With this intel, it consistently monitors your network, ready to notice the slightest altercation. This information is housed in Dojo-Labs’ cloud service. However, user identification isn’t kept in the cloud storage nor in the device itself.

Additionally, your overseer has the capacity to learn as it works. According to BullGuard, it’s “always adapting, planning and protecting your network.”

However, for what it offers, Dojo is still an expensive product at $199.99. Plus, after your initial 12-month membership expires, maintaining your coverage will cost $9.99 per month or $99 per year. If this isn’t a deal breaker, Dojo may offer a peace of mind for your invaluable information.

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