Casey, a sweet miniature schnauzer, won the Internet this week as a video of her fainting with joy at being reunited with her owner went viral.

Rebecca Svetina, 29, was teaching in Slovenia and returned home to Murrysville, Pa., to her dog for the first time in two years when the video was taken. Svetina’s husband, Mahi Svetina, wanted to share the reunion with his parents back home and shot the video.

In the video Casey is seen squealing with joy at seeing Rebecca, cuddling up to her lap before getting a bit dizzy and rolling over. Svetina pets Casey and tries to tell her to settle down after Casey appears to pass out for a second.

The couple then uploaded the video to YouTube on July 24, under the title “Dog passes out from overwhelming joy,” to share with their friends and family. The video quickly went viral, and now has over 27 million views.

Svetina says that Casey has always been a squealer, but they have never seen her pass out before.

“She gets really excited for a lot of people, but two years – or 14 years in dog years – was just too long for her, I guess,” said Svetina.

After the excitement wore down, Svetina’s father, Greg Ehalt, took Casey to the vet, where Casey received a clean bill of health.

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