Apple is under attack: “Bendgate” goes viral, claiming the iPhone 6 Plus bends with pressure, and iOS 8.0.1 update causes iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to lose service.

Bendgate Scandal

"Bendgate" started earlier this week, when iPhone 6 Plus users noted that their phones appeared bent at a strange angle right by the volume control buttons. The cause was determined to have been keeping the phone in one’s pocket while sitting down.

The problem quickly went viral, and, after YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger, who specializes in tech videos, uploaded a video testing the bendability of the iPhone 6 Plus, proving that the phone does, indeed, bend with pressure, “Bendgate” was born.

iPhone experts were quick to point out that the iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPhone 6, is made out of aluminum, a soft, malleable metal. Furthermore, this isn’t the first iPhone – or smartphone – to have this problem.

Apple has not commented on “Bendgate,” but it’s competitors are taking advantage of the trend, putting out adds for their own malleable phones.

Even companies outside the technology world are jumping on “Bendgate.”

iOS 8.0.1

Apple is also getting a lot of heat with the release of iOS 8.0.1, a new software update many are describing as slow and detrimental to apps. The majority of complaints say that the new software update caused a loss of service in iPhone 6 users and jammed the Touch ID sensor.

The bugs have forced Apple to pull iOS 8.0.1, and Apple is encouraging users to go back to iOS 8.0 and is investigating the problems.

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