As drones quickly become the answer to more affordable, amateur aerial cinematography, quadcopters have decreased in size while dramatically improving upon performance. The ultracompact DJI Mavic Pro is no exception, adding 4k resolution recording capabilities to a drone that is small enough to take anywhere.

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Stabilized with a standard three-axis gimbal, the Mavic Pro records high-definition video at 30fps, and can travel a range of 4.3 miles at 22 miles per hour. In comparison to the bigger Phantom 4, the field of view of 78.8 degrees is less than the Phantom 4’s 94 degrees, but many features have bee maintained. While up in the air the drone can also steam 720p resolution video, perfect for a stunning live stream on apps likes Facebook Live of Periscope. Want to keep shooting? No problem, the Mavic Pro can run for up to 27 minutes, before using its precision landing system to return to it’s take-off position within-an-inch of accuracy. DJI has not skimped on features in reducing the size of the drone, and further in-the-air capabilities include obstacle recognition up to 49 feet away, an Active Trak mode for following subjects in three different modes (Trace, Profile, and Spotlight), and a gesture mode for taking epic aerial selfies. For more precise or indoor photography, tripod mode allows for ultra small movements and slower speeds.

The Mavic Pro can be controlled with a basic RC controller that displays basic flight data. To see what the drone is seeing, get the DJI GO app (which you can also use to edit your work on-the-fly) and mount the phone just under the control sticks. DJI also plans to incorporate HD first-person-view goggles in the near-future, which will allow you to control the drone with head gestures.

The DJI Mavic Pro ships out October 15. It’s a consumer drone that is both accessible and incredibly professional.

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