DJ Khaled has announced that he has signed up for Weight Watchers, and the brand’s most successful user Oprah Winfrey welcomed him to the program.


Khaled has preached an active and healthy lifestyle to his millions of social media followers, and now he is taking the next step. He’s joined Weight Watchers, and was made the new social media ambassador for the company. “PART 1. 🔑🔑 MAJOR KEY ALERT!!! 🔑🔑 In full 2018 mode…excited to be living this #WWFreestyle life with you. Down 20 pounds and ready for more. Come with me on my journey to greatness. Bless up Weight Watchers!!! #2018secured @WeightWatchers,” he wrote on Twitter.

Oprah is the most famous celebrity to find success on Weight Watchers, and she took the opportunity to welcome Khaled to the family, using his own signature term, bless up. “@djkhaled Welcome to #WWFreestyle. Can’t wait to see you #blessup this program ✌🏾👊🏾,” she wrote.

Khaled then posted an image of her message to his Instagram account, writing, “Happy new year!!!!!!!! @oprah !!!!!!! Let’s win more !!!! GOD IS THE GREATEST! WETHEBEST!!!! 🙏🏽🔑🙏🏽 BLESS UP!!” Khaled is known for his active presence on social media and can be counted on to share his entire experience on Weight Watchers with his followers.

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