Disney World is working tirelessly on its newest them park – “Avatar: Flight of Passage” – and have added a realistic animatronic Na’Vi to the area.


Various videos have surfaced offering a sneak peak at what to expect for the new theme park. In the area, fans can experience what it would be like to fly on a Banshee through the magical land of Pandora, based on James Cameron‘s 2009 hit.

In the film, humans have to combine their DNA with one of the native Na’Vi to create an Avatar, an alien clone of themselves. A new video has revealed a realistic, and somewhat creepy looking, animatronic Na’Vi in a chamber.

This sight is part of the introduction to the park, and precedes a 15-minute intro video. Within the actual Flight of Passage attraction, fans can see cave drawings and fly the mythical creature the Banshee on a bicycle-like contraption. There will also be a bioluminescent rainforest journey.

The new theme park will open on May 27. Check out a few videos below to preview the park.

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