Director Roman Polanski, who has been a Hollywood outcast since 1978, when Samantha Geimer accused him of allegedly sexually assaulting her in 1977 when she was just 13 years old, recently posed for a selfie with his alleged victim.

Both Geimer and Polanski were pictured smiling despite the incident from 45 years ago, and the subsequent five charges of rape by use of drugs, perversion, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under fourteen, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor, brought against Polanski.

Geimer, who had asked a judge to drop the case against Polanski in 2017, sat down for an interview for French publication Le Point with her alleged assaulter’s wife, former model Emmanuelle Seigner.

Speaking to Seigner, Geimer explained that it was time for them to finally meet and “speak, you know, together in solidarity of adult capable women who have opinions and don’t have to fall into this trap of everybody blaming and pointing fingers. I thought it would be a good opportunity to do something different.”


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Seigner agreed to the interview because she felt “it was a great opportunity to actually meet Samantha because we’ve been all our lives, even though we never met, together in a sense.”

Geimer used the Interview as a way to reiterate her strong belief that she is not a victim.

“Let me be very clear: what happened with Polanski was never a big problem for me,” Geimer told Seigner. “I didn’t even know it was illegal, that someone could be arrested for it. I was fine, I’m still fine. The fact that we’ve made this thing up weighs on me terribly. To have to constantly repeat that it wasn’t a big deal, it’s a terrible burden.”

They reflected on the nature of sex in the 1970s, with Geimer explaining that “sex was recreational, sometimes transactional.”

Seigner recalled her own experiences as a young teenager, saying that she became “a model at 14 years old. All the girls, the models, slept with the photographers and I was no exception. But sex was something normal, a natural aspect of life. There wasn’t all this drama, all this darkness surrounding sex.”

Geimer believes it was not Polanski who turned her into a victim. Rather, she believes it was the media and the legal battles she has had to endure since her interaction with the disgraced director that has turned her into a victim.


“If someone had something to say about Roman, about any mistreatment, 1977 would have been a really good year to help me,” she told Seigner.

Both Geimer and Seigner also expressed their concerns with the limitations of the #MeToo movement, with Geimer taking a moment to criticize high-profile attorney Gloria Allred, saying that she “just diminishes women to exploit their pain. I’m sorry but that is no defense.”

Since fleeing to Europe in 1978, several other women have come forward with rape accusations against Polanski. During the same period, he received five Oscar nominations and won the award for Best Director for The Pianist in 2003.

Polanski remains wanted to in the U.S. for charges related to the assault.

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