Director X, who is best known for his music video work, is making his feature film debut with the drama Across the Line.

Director X’s ‘Across The Line’

Canada native Director X was at the helm for Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” music video as well as for Rihanna‘s music video for “Work,” which Drake also starred in. While many have been impressed with his music videos, Director X was underestimated when it came to making a full-length feature film.

There’s a prejudice within the film and television community that music video directors and commercial directors don’t understand story,” Director X told 680 News. “Sometimes you have to barrel through prejudice…. Once you jump past that and get into the benefits, it is a visual medium. You’re going to learn the technical side of filmmaking without having to worry about actors and motivating actors and getting performances right.”

With Across the Line, Director X wanted to dismantle the notion that Canada doesn’t have a racism problem. “The history’s deep,” X told CBC Canada. “We have a narrative in Canada that we’ve never been racist. We’re where you came to escape racism.”

Set in 1989, Across the Line tells the true story of a black hockey player in North Preston, Nova Scotia. The NHL hopeful soon sees his dreams become further out of reach, as his town seems to start to turn against him.

Across the Line opens in Toronto and Halifax Friday, April 15.