A new Alien movie is on its way. Director Neill Blomkamp had posted some pieces of concept art in February, and he did it again last week, giving Alien fans something to rejoice over. The movie, which is scheduled to hit the theaters in 2017, will be a sequel to the first 1986 Alien movie.

The new art shows the actors Michael Biehn as Corporal Dwayne and Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, in what looks like a warehouse filled with crates. Corporal Dwayne seemed to have been killed in the third installment of the series, but this is no matter to the director of District 9, who’s going way back into Alien‘s complicated chronology.

Blomkamp recently told Sky News he wanted this film “to feel like it is literally the genetic sibling of Aliens.” The director added that “it’s Alien, Aliens and then this movie.” Following the publication of this concept art, fans can see that the Alien series is returning to its roots with this movie, which is produced by Ridley Scott. Blonkamp wrote with the concept art that “Alien going very well,” adding “Love this project.”

#alien going very well. Love this project

A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on Jul 16, 2015 at 12:07pm PDT

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