Leading up to Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special Sunday night, reports claimed that NSYNC would be reuniting – but the boy band neither performed nor appeared in a sketch.

Where Was NSYNC?

On Saturday, NSYNC had hinted on Twitter that there would be a reunion, with a tweet reading, “Together again…”

However, the only NSYNC member that featured prominently in the show was Justin Timberlake, who performed the cold open sketch with Jimmy Fallon.

Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone did appear on the red carpet, but, missing JC Chasez, the erstwhile group never took to the stage. “#snl40 (JC couldn’t make it last minute),” Bass captioned a picture on Instagram with Fitzpatrick, Fatone, Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolf and Glenn Close.

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Fans who’d been eagerly awaiting a reunion were sorely disappointed to find out that no such reunion was taking place and took to Twitter about it.

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