Earlier this month, Uber released a 30-second preview of their Super Bowl commercial, which featured Sean Combs, aka Diddy, being asked to record a song for Uber One.

While the preview shows Diddy refusing to do a jingle, he does agree to record a hit for the company and invited the viewers to “meet me at the studio.”

With the help of Diddy, Uber did indeed deliver “one hit for Uber One” – or rather multiple versions of multiple hits for Uber One – in their Super Bowl LVII commercial.

With throwbacks to classic songs like “This is How We Do It,” “Milkshake” and “I Love You Always Forever,” the ad shows Diddy recording in the studio with strategically placed Uber Eats deliveries, and includes cameos of artists Montell Jordan, Kelis, Donna Lewis and even “What Does the Fox Say” Norwegian comedy duo, Ylvis.

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