After being on the throne for over 65 years, Queen Elizabeth is bound to encounter someone she was not fond of, whether they be royalty, foreign dignitaries, politicians or celebrities.

Just last week, the Queen met with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Even though she has to remain diplomatic and neutral at all times, there may be a few ways she has to subtly communicate her feelings.

One Twitter user began to speculate under the hashtag #BroochDecoderRing that Her Royal Highness may have been trolling the President with the brooches she was wearing during their time together.

According to the user, the Queen frequently receives brooches as gifts and when she picks which ones to wear for official engagement, there tends to be a significance to why it was chosen.

When the Queen met the Trumps, she was wearing a brooch that was a personal gift from the Obamas, which they paid for with their own money on their last official visit. The brooch signifies personal friendships, rather than just official government relationships.

The following day the Queen had an audience with the King and Queen of Belgium. For their meeting she opted for a brooch that was given to her by Canada. The Sapphire Jubilee brooch was given to her by the same country that Trump is currently risking a trade war with.

The final brooch that caused speculation was the one she wore when she had tea with Trump and Melania. She chose to wear a brooch that she inherited from her mother, the same brooch that Queen Elizabeth II wore to her husband’s state funeral.

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