Our senses can’t always be trusted but sometimes we experience things that set our alarms off. Remember how there was the dress? Was it white and gold or black and blue? Or how some heard Yanny and others heard Laurel?

Well, now there’s “Did Grover say the F-word on Sesame Street?” A clip is circulating on the internet as viewers debate if Grover is saying something we can’t fully understand because he’s a muppet or if he’s fully accepting HBO’s acquisition of the show. Take a listen.

Some are dead set on the character saying a curse word.

Others can’t bear the thought of Grover swearing. One Twitter user wrote, “He’s saying “that sounds like an excellent idea”.”


And others appear to be giving the character leeway, as if he’s gained tenure. One user tweeted, “First listen: OMG WHAT HAHAHA Second listen: Ah, definitely “sounds like an” Third listen: You know what, after all these years if Grover wants to drop an F-bomb then he’s damn well earned the right.”

Some are throwing out the idea that the recent Con-Ed transformer explosion in Queens might have affected Sesame Street as well and Grover hasn’t recovered from the experience. The show has not yet put out a statement about the clip.

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